Glogster EDU is a free tool to create interactive posters, called glogs, incorporating text, images, MP3 audio and music, videos, photos and special effects. The Glogster EDU version was created especially for education and allows teachers and students to use glogs as in a teacher-controlled platform. Students can create 21st Century poster projects creating multisensory experiences rather than static paper-based ones.
Students can create glogs, share them with others and be embedded in class or individual blogs or other web-based platforms, including SchoolTube. Teachers can set privacy limits so that glogs are accessible to others at their discretion.

Possible glog projects

The possible creations of glogs are endless. But some examples could be:
  • personal reflections
  • biographies
  • visual essays
  • digital scrapbooks
  • research project presentations particularly events in history and geography, science concepts and characters or themes in English.
  • teachers creating glogs to present material or for students to use

Glog examples

This glog was created by a Grade 7 Queensland student (Year 6 Victoria) from Brisbane Grammar School.

This National Parks in America glog was created by two 7th Grade (Year 7 Australia) students from Oklahoma, America.