Twitter is becoming an important part of my digital life and professional learning network as a teacher-librarian. On a professional level, using Twitter has enabled me to interact with colleagues and information professionals from around Australia and the world in the areas of teacher librarianship and Web 2.0 technologies. Twitter, a free social networking and microblogging site, enables people to send and read other people's updates (known as tweets) of up to 140 characters in length.

For a simple explanation of Twitter watch the Common Craft Teachertube video Twitter In Plain English.

Twitter – A Teaching and Learning Tool by Tom Barrett. This thought-provoking blog post examines in detail how Twitter can be used as a teaching tool and for buildings one's personal learning network in education. This is most valuable for people thinking about Twitter as a professional learning tool.

7 Things you should know about Twitter by Educause

How can teachers use Twitter to improve their own professional learning and increase their personal learning networks (PLN).
The following Youtube clip from New Zealand educator Jo Fothergill is a screencast of her Twitter For Teachers presentation at the Ulearn 09 Conference, New Zealand.

Follow teachers with similar interests on twitter. One way of finding teachers is to check out of these following directories of teachers using Twitter:

Twitter in the Classroom

Tom Barrett, with contributions from teachers from around the world, has put together this collection of 26 ways to use Twitter in the classroom.

140 Characters in the Classroom: Resources to Help Teachers Use Twitter to Teach

12 Expert Twitter tips for the classrooom by David R. Wetzel. According to Wetzel the successful use of Twitter is about making connections with other teachers and students around the world to support significant learning events.